Saratoga Sand Dunes

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The glacial flood channel from Lake Saratoga plunges to the Hudson River creating a “Dry Falls” at the Cove. Beveled drumlins in the flood channel are also found outside the lake floodway and may have been beveled by a southbound flood down the Hudson channel.

Sarasota Sand DunesSarasota Sand Dunes

After glacial lake Albany failed for the last time the lake bed was open to wind allowing dune formation in areas of abundant sand. Sand deposits are from river deltas or outburst flood deposits. Went looking for flood dunes and not finding any but the wind dunes are attractive. Visible flood features include reshaped drumlins and partially erased tills. Appaerent flood eroded drumlins are pointed at by yellow arrow. The beveled drumlins have pointy triangular shapes. Bare rock in an area of partially removed till is pointed at by the red arrow.


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